Why ForCollardGirls

October 27, 2017

(featured photo by Coyo Photography)

We are grateful to ANKOSfilms for their work on this mini-series on why we think #ForCollardGirls is worth listening to.

All three of us have our own thoughts but you can pretty much sum it up as “because we’re dope. DUH!” but if we have to be modest…here’s what we have to say:

Maya says:

Laura says:

Tamika says:


So, thank you ANKOSfilms for your work on this, we appreciate you! If you’re looking for a videographer, they pretty much rock, and you can contact them here.

And thank you DoveCote for letting us film at your beautiful community café. Their food is delicious and the community is everything! If you’re in Bmore, we highly recommend them.

SN: we’re getting a whole promo video, these are just teasers… #BeReady

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