Episode 3: WYPR Interview with Tom Hall

December 20, 2017
Momma, we made it!!

Ok…Ok. We’re not quite there yet, but how cool is it to be on NPR?! We’re all still beaming from the experience. And we’re so grateful for the opportunity to talk about #ForCollardGirls and the work we want to continue to share with y’all.

So here are the deets: we were featured on Midday with Tom Hall and Rob Sivak in collaboration with The Institute of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies (ICJS). Each month they do a series called Living Questions where they “explore religion and ethics in contemporary life.”

Having the opportunity to talk about our faith and spirituality and what we’re all about is so freaking dope. And on top of that, we got to be in the presence of some pretty amazing women, y’all. We met the digital director, Jamyla Krempel, who was broadcasting the FB live. And enjoyed lunch and conversations with one of the midday producers, Bridget Armstrong #BlackGirlMagic

We want to give a special shoutout to our friends Dr. Heather Miller Rubens and Annie Brackemyre at ICJS for reaching out to us and asking us to be a part of the show. You two are the greatest!

And we want to thank y’all, our listeners. Thanks for subscribing, reposting, and just being all around awesome. We appreciate you.

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