Tamika Jancewicz

Tamika Jancewicz is a spiritual empath and advocate for social justice and womyn empowerment. She is currently studying to obtain her MDiv at United Lutheran Seminary, while she spends her last two years as Vicar of Christ Lutheran Church in DC. She is a womanist theologian, who believes in the sacredness of the stories we choose to share. And she especially believes in the beautiful transformative power of biblical storytelling.

When she’s not traveling all over the DMV for work or school, she loves watching movies with her family at home eating all the popcorn. Her choice of snack often depends on the mood, the color of the sky, and any other atmospheric influence.

To keep her sane in DC traffic, she listens to her favorite podcasts, Another Round, The Nod, or My favorite Murder. And when self-care is a necessity, a good bicycle ride around Baltimore, while blasting her Soundcloud playlist #MakesMeMove makes dealing with life feel more attainable.