We continue this season, #TapestryOfCall, with Vania Iscandari, a licensed master social worker and overall amazing human. Vania offers us a perspective on what it looks like to be our true authentic selves and to trust our intuition. This lovely conversation is so inspiring and we hope you hear the affirmations that Vania gives us.

Here’s her bio:
Vania Iscandari, LMSW is an advocate, visionary leader, and mental health professional utilizing healing centered approaches to equity and justice. As a social worker, Vania creatively works at the intersection of macro and clinical practice where she sees her work as transforming minds, communities, and systems for a healthier society.

Vania is an avid impact specialist, organizer, and relationship builder. She is the founder of Emi Well—an online boutique wellness studio, created for community and by community.

Vania enjoys exploring the arts through traveling, cooking, writing, and photography.

Special thanks to Odai productions for the editing and production: https://soundcloud.com/afoteyodai

Thank you Vania Iscandari!

You can follow Vania @itsveeinspired and follow her new company @joinemiwell on Instagram.

Happy Black History Month, y’all!!

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