In our next episode of #TapestryOfCall we invite the peace-filled poet and activist, Siki Dlanga. Join us as Siki shares her wisdom, joy, and beautiful soul. Siki shares with us what it looks like to embrace our call as a release in the troubled world. She shares a part of her story to open us up to the possibilities of restoration and wholeness.

Here’s her bio:
Siki Dlanga is a woman who loves beauty, craves and needs beauty. The uglier the world becomes, the more Siki is fascinated by the function of beauty in society. She considers the knowledge of Jesus as the ultimate beautifier of the world. Siki has seen how beauty is often denied to those who are denied justice and conveniently packaged for the privileged as though it were their human right to own it. She is beginning to contemplate that perhaps beauty is at the heart of any just cause. Post-apartheid South Africa is where she wrestles with the ugliness of gender-based violence, racial injustice, inequality, and other forms of beauty deficiencies including her own. Siki is an MA Political Communication graduate from American University in Washington DC. You can find her beautiful poetry books “Word of Worth” and “Siki’s love Collection” on Amazon or Kindle.

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