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S3E1 #BlackWomynCanon: Put Thyself First

It's here! Season 3 #BlackWomynCanon begins with our first title #PutThyselfFirst. Forgive the KJV version, y'all but it sounds sophisticated, right?

Laura and Tamika talk about what it means to put yourself first and the discipline of self-care. We hope you join the conversation and tell us how you are putting yourself first in this new season of change. What types of things do you do to take care of yourself? Let us know and tag it #PutThyselfFirst

Also, we mentioned an article in our episode. Here is the link:

We want to thank
Odai Productions for the beautiful mixing and editing.
Shae McCoy for the beautiful images and portraits
And our sister-circle: Hazel, Nila, Jazmine, and Sierra (y'all inspire us)

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Season 3: #BlackWomynCanon

This season we explore what a Black Womyn's Canon might look like in our times of change and new beginnings. Together with close friends, after a night of conversations and sharing stories, we came up with a list we would hope to have and share with our fellow womyn. A list that explores the self, our community, and spiritual discipline. What would we want to hear about? What would we want to watch? What would we hope to say to those who will come after us. This is our #BlackWomynCanon
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